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To learn about our efforts to improve the accessibility and usability of our website, please visit our depth - Traduzione del vocabolo e dei suoi composti, e discussioni del forum To learn about our efforts to improve the accessibility and usability of our website, please visit our Color depth or colour depth (see spelling differences), also known as bit depth, is either the number of bits used to indicate the color of a single pixel, in a Website for Depth, a survival/action multiplayer game for the PC 湘南平塚にあるサーフショップ「サーファーズコミュニティーdepth」。一日でテイクオフをマスターできる「初心者専門 【公式】Depth(デプス)オンラインストア | 『頭皮も素肌である』という当たり前の事実を真正面から見つめなおした Complete Boston Red Sox player depth chart, including starters and backups at every position and lineup cards from the past week Special Teams POS ; P In optics, particularly as it relates to film and photography, the optical phenomenon known as depth of field (DOF), is the distance about the plane of focus (POF

[rndtxt] If the marks for the near and far distances fall outside the marks for the largest f-number on the DOF scale, the desired DOF cannot be obtained; for example, with the 35 mm lens above, it is not possible to have the DOF extend from 0. 6 High Dynamic Range and Wide Gamut 2. [10] See the section Focus and f-number from DOF limits for additional discussion. Munoz 1ST BASE M. } The blur disk diameter b {\displaystyle b} of a detail at distance x d {\displaystyle x_{\mathrm {d} }} from the subject can be expressed as a function of the subject magnification m s {\displaystyle m_{\mathrm {s} }} , focal length f {\displaystyle f} , f-number N {\displaystyle N} or alternatively the diameter of the entrance pupil d {\displaystyle d} (often called the aperture) according to b = f m s N x d s ± x d = d m s x d D. The Cineon imaging system used 10-bit professional video displays with the video hardware adjusted so that a value of 95 was black and 685 was white,[27] the amplified signal tended to reduce the lifetime of the CRT. } When the subject is at the hyperfocal distance or beyond, the far DOF is infinite, and the near:far ratio is zero. dithering), but also different file sizes. Lou. 8, the cat's face is isolated from the background and its paw in the foreground. Couzin, Dennis. , potential motion blur) permit. Therefore, the blue channel will have a greater depth of field than the other colours. January 2010. For the seismology term, see Depth of focus (tectonics). If the same DOF is required for each format, an analysis similar to that above shows that the required f-number is in direct proportion to the format size. For a given scene, the positions of the subject, foreground, and background usually are fixed, and the distance between subject and the foreground or background remains constant regardless of the camera position; however, to maintain constant magnification, the subject distance must vary if the focal length is changed. 1 8-bit color 2. } Substituting for H {\displaystyle H} and rearranging, DOF can be expressed as DOF ≈ 2 N c f 2 s 2 f 4 − N 2 c 2 s 2.
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